Old solutions do not work in our rapidly changing daily reality. Where do truly new and effective solutions to come from?

The only workable solution that I know is to broaden our horizons massively and to seek solutions from spheres of intelligence not generally accessible for most humans.

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A short time ago, a woman whom I will call J. came to me for help. For a very long time, J. was barely able to walk. The result of J.’s relatively short session was dramatic beyond description. For the past ten years J. had suffered from extreme pain twenty-four hours a day. It made no difference whether she sat, walked or was prostrate; excruciating pain was her constant companion. By the time J. came to me she had developed severe arthritis in almost all of the joints in her body. Now 49-years old, J. had been originally diagnosed during her teenage years with lip- and l…

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Soul Activation

17.01.2014 - 08:35

the story of the blood

13.08.2013 - 09:37